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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  November 30, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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thunderstorms moved across the region and today hurricane-force winds in alabama knocked down trees and prompted some schools to cancel or delay classes. in baltimore, calmer. showers throughout the day but the winds haven't been blowing that hard and temperatures remained actually pretty mild. there are concerns over flooding tonight and tomorrow. wyett everhart is back with a look at the first forecast. >> just light showers on and off so far across maryland but what we're concerned with is the heavy rains due in tonight and lasting through the day tomorrow. as a result we have a flash you had in watch for most of maryland through 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar we have light showers on and off in baltimore today. most of the action now west, just west of hagerstown. i-70, i-68 toward hancock extending to central pennsylvania. rain in that direction. headed our way. this is the leading edge of much more rain, a huge swath of
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precipitation extended from western pennsylvania back through the deep south. windy weather expected too. we've already been gusting to 17 to 20. so a windy wet evening on the way. the heaviest of the rain due in late overnight tonight and lasting through the morning rush hour commute tomorrow. could be a mess. we'll talk about all this rain coming our way and when it clears and the big chill behind it. now the latest on the father accused of throwing his 3-year-old son off the key bridge in 2008. steven nelson will spend 50 years in prison under a plea deal. nelson pleaded guilty today to murder and child abuse. he admitted to police he threw his son turner off the bridge the boy's body was found about five months later. a toddler died after virginia police say she was thrown six stories off of a shopping mall walkway by a woman that is believed to be a grandmother. police say the 2 1/2-year-old girl fell from a walkway last
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night that links tysons corner to the parking garage. she later died at the hospital. 50-year-old carmela de la rosa of fairfax was arrested. she is expected to be charged with murder. police say the child and de la rosa were leaving the mall with family when de la rosa picked up the girl and just threw her off the walkway. tonight baltimore city police are investigating the third violent incident in downtown baltimore since saturday. the most recent is a double shooting that left one man in critical condition. jamie costello joins us with the latest. >> reporter: police are calling this a double shooting. an isolated and targeted attack. the shooting happened around closing time 2:00 this morning as officers were trying to control a crowd leaving the block on east baltimore. guess what sits at the end of that? the block. police headquarters. so officers heard gunshots from commerce street. they found a man who had been shot in a chest and woman shot in the leg. the woman who worked nearby left with the man, that's when the shooting started. police tracked down the
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suspects, 20-year-old twin brothers. police say they had an issue with the man who was shot. >> downtown is very safe. police officers are where they should be. we have additional police officers especially on thursday, friday and saturday nights. as you can see they are doing what they have to do. they are looking people up when these incidents occur. what we have to do though is really have to stop accepting this culture of it's ok to walk around with guns in baltimore. >> the twin brothers are already in custody. they are expected to be charged. let's do a little history. today's shooting comes three days after a city officer was shot and wounded when he came up on an armed man. the officer is out of the hospital. saturday a man was stabbed at light street and lombard street. jamie costello, abc2 news. >> thank you. to a developing story. police in michigan have now charged the father of three missing boys with three counts of parental kidnapping. investigators say john skelton lied about leaving them with a friend of the family last week. there's evidence that skelton may have instead traveled to an
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area in northern ohio later in the week. 9-year-old andrew, 7-year-old alexander and 5-year-old tanner skelton remain missing. the father at first told police he had handed them over to a woman named joann taylor before trying to kill himself. however, new details about the parents' relationship, skelton and wife apparently decided to separate earlier this year but both want custody of their three sons. marinette, wisconsin was the scene of a tense host -- hostage standoff monday. tj winick with the latest. >> reporter: worried parents gathered outside marinette high school monday while 15-year-old samuel hengel held his teacher and 23 classmates at gun point. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: it was not until 8:03 p.m. when police broke down the door after hearing three gunshots. that is when the suspect turned
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the weapon on his self and fired. he died from his wounds earlier today at an area hospital it began over six hours earlier at approximately 1:30 when the 15-year-old returned to his classroom with a backpack. first he pulled out a gun and shot the movie projector. then ordered classmates to hand over their cell phones. one student on his way to class was turned away by the teacher. >> the door was closed. the lights were off. mrs. byrd came up to the door, opened it up a bit and said go down to the library. but as we started going we immediately heard a loud bang. >> reporter: police would eventually set up a command center in the school, even inserting cameras and listening devices in the room above where the students were hemmed. they reached the teacher by phone but the boy refused to talk. >> he was just waving the gun back and forth at the ground. he seemed depressed sometimes when he was telling the stories but other than that i couldn't see him doing this. >> reporter: authorities say
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they still don't know what the boy's motive was. he made no demands or requests. tj winick, abc news, new york. "don't ask, don't tell," don't care? the pentagon announced today that allowing gays and lesbians to openly serve in the military wouldn't pose a serious threat to military readiness. the conclusion is based on results from a survey of over 100,000 active duty and reservists. 44,000 military spouses. the majority of those service members said repealing the law would have mixed positive or no effect on their ability to do their missions. but opposition was strong among the combat troops. 43% of those surveyed from the marine corps and 48% from army combat units say that repealing the law would have a negative effect on their work. the senate will hold hearings this week. president obama met with the new leadership of the incoming congress with big issues on the table.
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including unemployment benefits expiring today and tax cuts for everyone expiring december 31st. the president and republican leaders came with clashing agendas. obama wanted to discuss extending the bush tax cuts for the middle class and ratifying the start arms control treaty with russia. the republicans want to discuss extending the bush tax cuts for everyone including the wealthy and spending cuts, but they agreed to work together. two women are breaking through the glass ceiling in a huge way. the two will become the first women to ever hold seats on the baltimore county council at the same time. coming up new at 5:30, we'll introduals you to history makers. and hundreds of girls, young ladies will lace up their shoes to run a 5k. how girls on the run is more than just training girls to be active in life. baltimore county celebrates the new west towson elementary school. coming up, we'll take you there.
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this sunday hundreds of girls as young as 8 will run a 5k race in anne arundel county. they trained for several weeks. the program called girls on the run. our own cheryl conner volunteers with the group and is an assistant coach. tonight she takes us to the track where the girls are learning life skills each step of the way. >> please pace yourselves. you will be doing four laps around the course. >> reporter: four laps around broadneck park in arnold is three miles, a distance many adults will never run in a lifetime. these girls are getting on course with life and running is just one part of the plan. >> ok, remember to pace yourself. breathe. >> reporter: coach paula waite has worked with the girls on the run program at windsor farm elementary school for five years. naturally, she's a runner, too.
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but her training of the girls extends beyond the fast-moving legs. >> you don't have to be the fastest, ok? >> reporter: she teaches running is about your own pace and so is life. girls on the run encourages preteens and third, fourth and fifth grades to definitely self-respect and live healthy lifestyles through running. those days, growing up isn't so easy. >> you learn to stand up for yourself against anyone who makes you feel disappointed or sad. >> reporter: developing a healthy self-esteem can be the greatest challenge for young girls. >> so by being together and playing games that reinforce confidence in their own being and their own self-esteem, when we go out to run they take that out on to the course. >> reporter: within 12 weeks the girls go from not running at all to finishing a 5k. the training, the days that aren't so good and the ones when they surprise even themselves is the real lesson
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here. because after all, it's about the journey, not the destination. >> i kind of use the term pace yourself for not just running but life. because, if you run through life fast then you won't get to do anything. that you want to do. it will just be this huge big blur. >> all you got is two more laps. >> reporter: it's ok if they slow down, as long as they are moving forward. each semester, the girls have an outreach project. this time they raised over $6,000 for the family of a friend and classmate, who is battling a rare form of cancer. joey is in houston receiving treatment. his dad accepted the check. >> the parents here should be thankful for the health of their kids because they don't want to walk in my shoes. >> it felt really good. trying to help a friend that is in need. and we're doing the best we can. >> reporter: doing your best, and believing in yourself,
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lessons to allow these girls to go the distance. >> girls on the run is so much fun! >> reporter: in arnold, cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> the next big event is this sunday, december 5th at anne arundel community college, starts 1:00 p.m. if you would like more information or to learn how to volunteer or maybe know a young lady that can benefit from the program go to three, two, one. >> the formal ribbon-cutting today for the new towson elementary school located on the same site as the ridge ruxton school on charles street. it was built in response to overcrowding at rogers forge elementary school. west towson is baltimore county's first leadership in engineering and environmental design silver certified school. it features 15 regular classrooms, three kindergarten classrooms and art classrooms, a science room and green roof
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which reduces stonewater runoff and reduces energy use. that's a pretty green school. >> yeah, you would have to. good tough there. >> not your department, though. sorry. welcome back and thank you for bringing us the bad weather. >> i brought the wet weather with me. a lot of weather due in tonight into tomorrow. flash flood concerns. we may get up to two inches of rain in some spots overnight into tomorrow. then drier and colder for the end of the week. i think december is going to make its presence felt quickly. >> coming in like a lion? >> a little bit. let's look outside now. not much rain at the moment downtown. but, we do expect quite a bit in here through the overnight and lasting through the day tomorrow. at least through the first half to 2/3 of the day. probably clear out by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. temperature 60.
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humidity high 70%. winds southeast at 9, the winds will be gusty through the day tomorrow. through the day tomorrow, a little breezy, too, cloudy, our high definition camera capturing an overcast day with on and off rains into the evening. boy, these days are short lately. sunset 4:45. mount airy, murky, looked like winter but didn't feel like it as temperatures shot well up into the 60s. last spot here, down at the ocean, a little wet weather here as well. some of those winds gusting up around 20 to 26 in reisterstown. it will be breezy out there this afternoon and evening. winds right now steady at 15, or 10 to 15. some of the rain totals so far, just really almost 1/10 inch in most spots. we'll add a solid inch to inch and a half of rain i think by the end of the storm as it comes through tomorrow. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar now, the main storm system hasn't arrived. we had on and off rain today but it was not the big heavy stuff. you can see now a little bit of
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precipitation towards the higher terrain to the west but most of this stuff well out in a different direction here. close to home, not much rain this evening. looking good next several hours. again, we expect maryland's most powerful doppler radar to really fire up here next couple of hours. and into early tomorrow for sure. temperatures around 60 now. that is mild. winds pretty stout and if you look at some of the wind gusts, yeah, it's breezy. gusting to 26 in the last hour at hagerstown. we gusted to 17 in frederick. 18 in salisbury. here's the storm itself. the heaviest of the rains already coming down from ohio, southwestern pennsylvania and back through eastern kentucky. the steelers getting soaked now as they think ahead to what is coming sunday night. and zoom out a little here, nationwide, clear and much more frigid air well out to the west. i'm talking like northwest of chicago. frigid air, but the main storm itself beginning to edge in. and temperatures showing that incredible contrast. frigid arctic air clashing with
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the warmer humid air on the east coast. that adding up to a heck of lot of rain overnight tonight. the storm system itself centered over virginia now. that's going to track eastward overnight. very slowly. again, those two air masses clashing and producing a lot of precipitation overnight. a couple of inches of rain not out of the question before it ends. our future forecast rain model getting heavier by 11:00 p.m. the heaviest overnight into 7:00 tomorrow morning. wet weather morning commute. it will be a messy one for wednesday morning. then finally we get the rain out of here wednesday afternoon. colder and windy still though as we if into thursday but much, much colder thursday and friday. december coming in a little like a lion. flash flood watch tonight, high winds, 25 to 40. windy and wet. mess in the morning, more rain early on. then finally clearing out into the afternoon. tomorrow night should be dry but much colder. falling into the 20s. and a quick peek ahead toward the end of the week here.
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you see temperatures continue to drop. we struggle to get out of the low 40s. thursday, friday. right into the early part of the weekend. bundle up. so for thanksgiving we asked you for your favorite family recipes. now we want to know your favorite recipes for the rest of the holiday season. we're talking about the cookies, the cakes, candies, soups, salads, even that turkey or ham you might be preparing for the big holiday dinner. what recipe are you pulling off this holiday season? we want you to come on "good morning maryland" and share those recipes with us. send them to our e-mail address, you have until friday to submit that recipe. we will then pick out some of them and invite those cooks to come on "good morning maryland" at 9:00 and show off their tasty treats. include your name, e-mail address and phone number and of course that special recipe. what other ways are you celebrating the holidays? from decorating your home to the tree to dressing up your kids to wrapping your presents.
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even, we want to show unique ways of doing things for the holidays. e-mail a picture or post it on the wmar facebook page. we'll show it through the holiday season on "good morning maryland" at 9:00 if you e- mail us, include the e-mail address and also a phone number. as we're talking about getting in the spirit we're hoping you can help us out, make this holiday season special for children in need. it's the 12th year for our kindertime toy drive. we're looking for new, unwrapped and unopened toys to make it a merrier christmas for children in need in our area. this year we teamed up with the baltimore symphony orchestra to collect instruments for their orchestra kids program. if you want to donate toys we have a list of all the dropoff locations right on our web site. at we're also giving you a chance to win a brand new i-pad. from now until friday abc2 is giving viewers a chance to take home a 32-gig apple i-pad with
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wi-fi. log on to our facebook page and "like" our fan page. search for click on the "like" button, the sweepstakes tab and enter to win. coming up, a crackdown on alcoholic drinks mixed with caffeine in baltimore city. all new at 5:30, when it's last call for drinks like four loko. plus, southwest airlines gets bragging rights from the zagat survey. still ahead, who ranks the worst on the list?
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about 650,000 of its prius hybrid cars. the japanese automaker says the problem could cause the vehicle to overheat. there haven't been reports of accidents or injuries so far. toyota says the move is not a recall. instead, describing it as a customer satisfaction inspection campaign. this is the latest in a series of quality control issues that have led to the recall of 12 million toyota vehicles. it's a new era for general motors. it officially introduced the chevy volt at one of the auto giant's detroit-area plants. the volt is a plug-in hybrid electric car that has been in the works for three years. general motors says the company will be adding 1,000 new jobs in michigan. and the second volt comes off the assembly line, will be auctioned off to benefit detroit public schools. it will hit showrooms soon. buyers will get a tax credit of about $7,500. southwest airlines has a reason to brag tonight. zagat surveyed, and the airline
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swept several satisfaction categories including best value among domestic airlines for the third year in a row. also tops the list with best luggage policy, check-in experience and best consumer on-time estimates. continental airlines topped the survey for premium seating and jetblue airways was number one in economy seating. the fourth year in a row, laguardia was voted the worst airport. if you have been there you know why. if you didn't get a chance to do cyber monday holiday shopping yesterday no worries. new at 5:30, the on-line deals continue.
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two baltimore county women are breaking through the glass ceiling in a big way. as they take leadership roles in county government. good evening again, i'm kelly
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swoope. cathy bevins and vicki almond are set to be sworn in, into the baltimore county council next week. it's really the first time the phrase councilwoman has been used in years. joce sterman is here with more on how they feel about making history. this is great. >> reporter: it is. i talked to the two women today before they sat in on their first county planning session. they were psyched, not just about breaking down gender barriers but getting a shot to make baltimore county even better with a woman's touch. for now cathy bevins and vicki almond are content to sit on the sidelines. but in just a few days they will be taking new seats and joining what has been an all boys' club for years. >> i think it's a pretty big deal. i think we're going to bring a new perspective to the council and i think girl power is needed. >> reporter: girl power at the local government level as these two women become the first pair of ladies to ever hold seats on the baltimore county council at the same time. >> actually, i was seeing and hearing it along the campaign trail. i would knock on folks' doors and let them know i


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